you, me, and all these machines

“you, me and all these machines” is a performance for voice and electronic devices. the vocalist puts on her head a specially designed wearable interface tool to interact with the voice and display a visual score. technically, the device consists of several elements: a narrowly directional microphone driven by a motor; an LED strip that shows the vocalist score; remote control with a joystick used by the second participant to control the interface. Shifting the microphone against the mouth makes it possible to achieve interesting sound effects, and makes it easier to manipulate the vocalist's voice. the LED line consisting of 10 diodes is a very primitive, but effective and convenient way of interacting with the vocalist, and the way of interpreting the values is predetermined before each performance. during the performance, a sound canvas is formed, thereby changing the dynamics, consisting of a set of looped fragments created within voice and interface processing elements, without using other methods to generate sounds.

initially, the project was built around the idea of using the body and its capabilities as a starting point or even a resource for later use in a hybrid work. however, the idea was subsequently transformed into a more subtle practice of interaction between two artists, using an electronic device and sound performance as its direct consequence. at the same time, the idea of domination and manipulation was replaced by sensitive interaction, and the "resource" became more and more a source of inspiration. in many ways, the work can be described as a way of interpreting complexities in the relations between a couple, and the displacement of these complexities to the domain of creative interaction.

lovozero + ::vtol::

// HeK, Basel, 2018
// Humber street gallery, Hull, 2018
// Richterfest, NII, Moscow, 2018