they is here

the research focused on the exploration of the sonic space between human and non-human. the result of this research is represented in a form of fictional field recordings which are synthesized using various AI techniques and then transferred into tape.

from the label:

"In December 2019 I was given a lift home after the concert. But first we stopped at a cafe.
The concert was on the October field, Nastya Tolchneva and Nikita Prudnikov performed, but under their pseudonyms—Lovozero and Monekeer.

"On November 30 at 19:00, as part of the parallel program of the Internet Animals exhibition, the Khodynka Gallery will host a deep listening session by Nastya Tolchneva (aka Lovozero) and Nikita Prudnikov 'They' is here. The main goal of the artists in this project was to study the latent space of timbres between human and animal. The research results will be presented in the form of imaginary field recordings synthesized using various machine learning techniques. "

I do not hear the documented experiment, I do not hear the report on the work done. This record does not force me to think about the role of technology in our life, art ... marketing. This is real, alive music, where something is inside, and if you listen carefully to it, this "something" will settle and continue to live. The album materializes the absent until now, the cassette or files are only a vessel for these organisms, striving through the ears into the listener's consciousness. Just to be alive. I like it so much. Sounds created with the help of a non-human, in the language of an another, composed by the mind of people. I like not thinking about technology as an instrument, instead thinking about music as such. Sometimes it seems that we are an organ projection of music, that one of the meanings of "this all" is its carrying and birth. Music is just some kind of organism, without a shell, the idea of an organism that needs the physical world in order to live, which means hands, air, pressure. And even the code. Cassette tape, label, positive film plastic frames and film itself, writing and ballpoint pens. And also chance meetings, equipment for sound recording, magnetic tape and, most importantly, it's someone's ears, only after getting into which, this organism begins to live.

// Code of Art, The first International   Biennale 'Art for the Future', GROUND Solyanka Gallery, Moscow, 2022
// Boiler Room, Moscow, Russia, 2021
// ALGORAVE Goethe-Institut, Moscow, 2020
// GAMMA_lab AI, Saint-Petersburg, 2019
// Internet of Animals, Moscow, 2019

// released on CANT records, 2021

all music is written and performed by
lovozero + monekeer