the electromagnetic field of 50 Hz frequency is generated by three powerful induction coils and presents as an object in space. the project invites a viewer to rethink the relationship between a human being and an anthropogenic environment. in a contemporary world, humans often find themselves in zones of magnetic fields generated by a power grid but not experiencing them sensuously. the induction coil is a concentrated presence of the grid that has filled every corner of the civilised ecumene.
the work manifests an invisible presence of the electromagnetic field, by means of objects that produce sounds, wave patterns or move under its influence.

the project has two forms of implementation.

| installation |

three induction coils vibrate the stainless tray (1.1x1.1 m.) with the liquid (water with aluminium powder) that produces changing soundscape and wave patterns. sphere magnets hanging on threads move up and down influenced by the field.

| performance |

two performers are working in the area of strong electromagnetic field, manipulating magnets and metal objects, revealing a heterogeneity of space, generated by induction coils.

all sounds are produced by the objects acoustically. No digital processing or sound enhancement is used.

as a part of save.co.lab

// CYBERFEST, St. Petersburg, 2017
// GEEK PICNIC, Moscow, 2017

// sound documentation released on The Cyland Audio Archive, 2020