the last «tissue», which is shaped in the process of embryo development is bone. making one's consciousness in humility with the density, resistance and structural verticality of one’s «bone-ness», we speculatively attain the capacity to turn its «development» back. through the kinaesthetic sense of density we descend towards viscosity and fluctuation, in the world of the plurality of axis, towards eternal horizon.
dancers performing in their movement the logic of return of body «un-certainty», pave in the multilevel space «Mutabor» hall spontaneously defined routes. they share the space with objects of complex nature (silicon, concrete, aluminum) and the realtime soundscape made up of textures of akin quality to movement. the spectator finds oneself inside those multiple layers, in the density of the sound, awkward dynamics of dancers bodies and objects, where one may observe mergers and deviations of inhuman intensity and logic.

lovozero + anya kravchenko + masha kharitonova

// mutabor, “tkani”, moscow, 2019

// sound documentation released on the Klammklang label, 2020