the pack

“the pack” is a metaphor for wild, nomadic, animal self-organization, a field of instincts and survival mechanisms that stimulates us to seek technical and sensual links between actors of different ‘natures’. the project was conceived in 2018 as a continuation of our work with dance, vocalization, and pure data algorithms.

through this work, we discovered the possibility of a specific behavior, a form of community practice that is conditionally human and non-human. in this performance, we want to create a situation of seeking coherence between different systems through the technologies of coordinated behavior of these systems.

we are interested in exploring the coordination of computational and behavioral processes of varying complexity as a sensory and semiotic territory, where a certain ‘us’ is being reassembled.

// The 2nd Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art, 2020
// “Tanec bez uma ot sebya” festival, St. Petersburg, 2023

sound algorithms: anastasia tolchneva

choreographer: anya kravchenko

performance artists:

valya lutsenko, nazar rakhmanov, masha sheshukova, sonya kolukanova, natalia poplevskaya, albina vakhitova, anton vdovichenko, kamil mustafaev