weighing-machine is the oldest device for determining the parameters of an object and its value. markets take a variety of forms around the world and are quite informative markers of ongoing socio-cultural processes.

I see the market as a complex heterogeneous environment (organism), a place of intersection of financial flows, stories of human migration and alienation, cultures of life and production.

I call into question the boundaries of the objects of sale usually expressed only in monetary units. through meetings, and interviews with the market workers I collect various information, which gives me cues for converting the mass of the product they sell into sound parameters.

declaring this synthesis as a “pure” value, I create an opportunity for its sound manifestation in the market space by converting the critical mass of the products into an algorithmic sound composition created in inherent in the market competitive gaming conditions where communications are sporadic and unstable like local Wi-Fi.

technical description: self-made weighing-machine(4 devices), pure data algorithm

//V-A-C foundation, kunsthalle for music, cheremushkinsky market, 2019